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Scroll your mouse down the list on the right or click the arrows on the monitor and you will see a preivew of some of our  webiste creations. Feel free to click to visit the websites in more detail. Click to see our Testimonials.


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Corporate and Business.

Emerald creates web magic and business results for clients of all kinds: manufacturing, retail, technology, property development, professional and financial services and lot’s more.


Golf and Tennis Clubs.


Emerald has a special understanding of the needs of clubs and organizations of all kinds, with a particular expertise in the world of Golf Clubs. Over a 9 year period we developed and maintained numerous private golf club websites such as Credit Valley Golf & Country Club, Mississaugua Golf and Country Club, Lambton Golf Club, Oakville Golf Club, the Georgian Bay Golf Club and The Toronto Golf Club among others.


Our ClubRes Golf has been used in some of these golf Clubs and the ClubRes Tennis application has been used for years in the Broken Sound Club in Boca Raton, Florida.


Some of Our Clients Over The Years


Acer Contract

ACI Technologies Inc.

Artistry in Fabric

A-Z Printers


Craig Laine Realty Inc

Credit Valley Golf & Country Club

Cutten Club

Dong Cheng Enterprises

Equiline Apparel Design

FBDC Financial Business Development Corp.

FMR Foundation Management Resources


Gem Pools

Haddon Executive Mentoring

In-a-Stitch lies creation

Khachi Design Group

Lambton Golf and Country Club

Madame Gateau

Memory Aid

Mississaugua Golf & Country Club

North Halton Golf & Country Club

NYC Accessories

Oakville Golf Club

Ohmega Electric Inc.

Party Trays Express


Prevost & Associates Inc.

Renewable Office Concepts Inc.

Secure n Post


TFX, The Furniture Exchange Inc.

The Toronto Golf Club

Virgin Timber Inc.

Yoga Relaxation